Pre-loading location data in Survey 123-help!

Discussion created by BrittanyBankovich on Oct 12, 2016
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Hi all,


Many of my agency's mobile data collection has thus far been accomplished using the Fulcrum application, but a few our of groups requested switching over to Survey123/Collector. In Fulcrum, I typically design the app and then import an ESRI Shapefile of point locations. These point locations show up on a map in the app and users can navigate to a point, click it, and enter all of the survey information they need. I am looking for a similar set-up/user experience with Survey123 (or possibly Collector), and it is important to have repeatable nested fields (users collect vegetation species data along with percent cover of each plant species). Designing the app in Survey123 seems simple enough, but I am struggling to understand how I can attach location data to each record (we have hundreds of points to visit), visualize the points on a map, and navigate to the points as we do in Fulcrum. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance!