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Popups for Feature Layer When Feature is Overlapped by Graphics Layer

Question asked by chuckf74 on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by jagadish.k



I built a map with several feature layers (points and lines) and a single graphics layer.  When the graphics layer is empty I can easily click on the points and view attributes in the popup template.  The popup template is set when the feature layer is declared and it all works as it should.  


The problem is when the graphics layer is populated and the graphic overlaps the feature layer points.  Then the popup displays with a blank results because it's querying against a graphic that doesn't have attributes.  I need to clear the graphics from the graphics layer in order to successfully view the popups again.


I've read in this forum that the graphics layer is always on top.  Is that true?  If it is, what approach to I need to take to prevent a popup on a graphic in a graphics layer, but allow popups for feature layers?