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Use of "GarciaUI_ModifyFeatureTask" in Addin Tool/Button Code

Question asked by on Oct 6, 2016

I have a series of edit COM objects which need to be converted to Addins.  I have converted each edit operation to a button Add-In in C#.  However, some of the operations handle 'Edit Tasks' and use code such as:


if (m_editor == null)     return ;   IEditTaskSearch editTaskSearch = editor as IEditTaskSearch;   IEditTask editTask = editTaskSearch.get_TaskByUniqueName(     "GarciaUI_ModifyFeatureTask");

or with use of a 'Find'.  The converted 'buttons' are part of a C# extension in a toolbar.  The buttons seem to work in unit tests but I am worried about the use of such a 'task' in an AddIn.   However, I am concerned about the use in a production environment.  Can anyone comment on their experience with this type of conversion?