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Create Relationship class based on GLOBALID

Question asked by jilkahitesh on Oct 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by mitchh300

Hello, we have two feature class of Polygon type and have identical geometry shapes, one of feature class has all the attributes filled and another one has attributes with NULL values. There is a common attribute field (say Property Number) where we would like to update that field from origin feature class.


Also, I am looking for a solution to update attribute field of another feature class automatically whenever a new insert or update happens in attribute of origin feature class within same geodatabase.


Using relationship class which delivers the same result but it requires referential integrity (Primary & Foreign Key) defined in both feature class. But we don't have a unique ID which can help to achieve the result. Spatial join option cant be used as it creates another join table.


With reference from "Enable  Attachment" Tool  in arcgis, as it copies the Global ID of origin feature class to attachment table with name REL_GLOBALID and maintains it till relationship class exist. 

Is there a way to use Global ID as primary key and copy this Global ID to another feature class based on identical geometry shapes so that update in attribute of particular polygon reflects the changes in same polygon of another feature class.


I would appreciate if someone can help and also give their alternate suggestions to get desired result.