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Custom elevation services for 3D scenes view

Question asked by rmmalpica on Oct 3, 2016



I'm trying to create a 3D map using my own map services. I have an Arcgis Server 10.2.2 with the image server extension enabled.


I have tested the following example replacing the custom elevation service by my own elevation service but the terrain becomes plain.

3D Map With Elevation Services | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.1 


My elevation service is in WGS84 coordinates, I thought maybe is a projection problem so I changed the basemap by a custom image service also in WGS84. I cannot see the image in the scene because the server throws a 500 error after the map request.


I have tryed replacing the basemap (ImageryLayer) by a MapImageLayer. In this case I can see the scene with the contents of this MapImageLayer but not the elevation...


I would like to know if the JS API 4.1 is compatible with Arcgis 10.2.2 services