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ESRI API Dojo \ on VS data-dojo-attach-event

Question asked by ARROCAL on Sep 29, 2016
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I am studying the ArcGIS API javascript to create widgets and I don`t understand what is the difference between Dojo \ on in the Widget.js file and data-dojo-attach-event in the template.html file.


My questions:


When Dojo \ on is used and when data-dojo-attach-event?


What is the difference between these two snippets of code?


In Widget.js file:


on(this.alertButton, "click", myFunction ())
myFunction () {
topic.publish("alertUser", "I am alerting you.");


In template.html:


<button data-dojo-attach-point= 'alertButton' data-dojo-attach-event='click: myFunction '>press me</button>