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Using ArcGIS and MapLab in Web Applications

Question asked by mcsuran2332 on Sep 23, 2016



Has anyone been successful in using the ArcGIS platform with the MatLab platform to develop web applications?  


Basically I have a MatLab script that can does volume analysis on a db.  I built a custom js web application that creates a visual graph that displays the data from that db.  I don't see any volume analysis digit capabilities to build into the application, so I was thinking of trying to incorporate the MatLab script somehow.  I searched around a little and the only thing I found was that Python is a common language both platforms.  Therefore, I would have to convert the MatLab script to Python, then plug that into my application.


Does anyone have any better suggestions or a workflow to accomplish this?  Or a different way to avoid converting the MatLab script?  Maybe I missed something in the JS API?