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Issue with Required Fields Inside a Repeater

Question asked by matthysj on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by RLehman-esristaff

I have a survey which has some required fields, the survey also has a number of repeaters and these repeaters also have required fields.  The form has a multi select and each repeating option is relevant to the multi select.  So if the user selects 3 items, lets say pipes, valves and hydrants, the user will get 3 repeating sections to populate.  We are experiencing an issue where the required fields are enforced in the first repeater, but is not enforced in subsequent repeaters.  In the first repeater, if all required fields are populated, the form can be submitted, if not, the form identifies the required field that needs populated.  This holds true for all repeat occurrences within that first repeater.  In the subsequent repeaters the required fields are not validated by the UI.  What we are finding is that as long as the user has populated all the required fields in the main form and in the first repeating section, required fields that have not been populated in subsequent repeater sections are submitted by the form.  I would expect the form to not submit and to warn the user that required fields have not been populated.  

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  I have uploaded the excel form document if anyone would like to take a look.


 - Jake