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Overwriting mapservices and caching

Question asked by Zeorymer on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by Zeorymer

I am relatively new to the mapservice publication process, and have been having trouble trying to build caches within the 10.1 work environment. Recently, though, after a period where mapservices were being published but not producing any output I was able to generate tiles. My mapservices were supposedly being populated by cached tiles. Now the only problem I have is that mapservices started appearing with an expanded name, that included a date stamp (basically). What does this mean, since I have two mapservices created for my single MXD: one with, and one without date stamp. Must they exist? Can I delete the "copy", ie. the one with the date stamp, or will these "mapservices" disappear following tile creation. I haven't come across this type of explanation, and was curious.


Basically, I published a mapservice with the manual build originally, then I updated it with automatic build. The first published a map service, but did not create tiles. On the update, there was an indication that the mapservice had been updated and the tiles were being generated, but on looking into my mapservices a secondary "data-stamped" mapservice was created. Can anyone explain this? Is this normal? Am I missing something, or is this the normal tile creation process, and eventually the "date-stamped" mapservices will disappear?