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OSM Building in ArcGIS JS API

Question asked by on Sep 16, 2016

I tend to bounce around from Leaflet to ArcGIS JS, and I saw in Leaflet we can use OSM Buildings.  I have also looked at ArcGIS JS 4.0 with the 3D component. My playing with ArcScene has allowed me to create simple 3D building with flat roofs, and I know in OSM Buildings you can add in ridge lines and create 3D buildings with real roof shapes.


So I started thinking is there a way to bring in OSM building and shapes into ArcGIS JS or ArcScene? Also is there a way to take the 3D shapes I create in ArcScene and export them into OSM Buildings? I like the idea that there is already a ton of data created by volunteers in OSM Buildings, using it in ArcGIS JS could save me time recreating it, not to mention if I create it in ArcScene, it could be used to help the OSM Building community.


Has anyone come across resources, scripts, to convert this data back and forth?