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Python scripting question

Question asked by desertsp on Sep 13, 2016
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Hopefully this is an easy answer...


I have a process to script which is interrupted by some manual steps...therefore I've split the process into two separate Python scripts.


1) Run Script A in which the user specifies various parameters. The script creates an empty table based on those parameters.

2) The user is asked to perform some manual steps in ArcMap in order to populate the empty table created in Script A (these steps cannot be scripted, unfortunately, as they rely on a custom ArcMap extension that can only be accessed via its GUI). How long this will take is indeterminate...could be <1 minute or could be <1 hour.

3) Finally, run Script B, which continues where Script A left off.


How do I get the parameters from Script A into Script B? That is, assuming there isn't some way to do this all as one script with a "Pause" function in the middle.