Hi, I want to use AGSSOM to start and stop all Map services, How do I configure it and use it.

09-13-2016 03:17 AM
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Is there any script to be used to enable agssom, where should it be placed ? Can anyone please provide me the steps to do this, Thanks

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What version of ArcGIS Server are you using?  There  is a utility and scripts that us AGSSOM for I think 10.0 and earlier.  If 10.1+, you would want to use the AGS admin toolkit

Downloadable tools for ArcGIS Server administration | ArcGIS Blog 


This toolkit can easily be used with python scripts/tools.  For example, I am using parts of the toolkit samples to query only those services that are currently running, checking to see if they use the fgdb I need to update, shut those down, update the fgdb, and then start just those services back up.  So you can make it stop/start all, or you can do some filtering and stop/start from a list, etc.


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