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Extracting rasters from NetCDF files based on time dimension

Question asked by india123 on Sep 11, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

I have single netCDF file which contain monthly data for different year. (Format of date e.g 2001-1-1, 2001-2-1, 2001-3-1…….2002-12-1...............2015-0-1......2015-12-1). 

Here-with i have attached a snapshot of data format from Arc GIS multidimension tool 


I trying to extract each month raster for selected year (e.g only 2002). Save it as 01-2002, 02-2002, 03-2002…..12-2002.

I appreciate any help you can provide on the crucial bottom code.

Here is what I have so far:


# Import system modules
import arcpy
from arcpy import env
from import *

outLoc = r"D:\MODIS_NPP_02_15"
inNetCDF = r"D:\MODIS_NPP_02_15\"

variable = "npp"
x_dimension = "lon"
y_dimension = "lat"
band_dimension = ""
dimension = "time"
valueSelectionMethod = "BY_VALUE"

nc_FP = arcpy.NetCDFFileProperties(inNetCDF)
nc_Dim = nc_FP.getDimensions()

for dimension in nc_Dim:
        if dimension == "time":
            top = nc_FP.getDimensionSize(dimension)
            for i in range(0, top):

                dimension_values = nc_FP.getDimensionValue(dimension, i)
                nowFile = str(dimension_values)
                nowFile = nowFile.translate(None, '/')
                # I needed only the years 2002
                if int(nowFile[-12]) > 6:

                    dv1 = ["time", dimension_values]
                    dimension_values = [dv1]

                    arcpy.MakeNetCDFRasterLayer_md(inNetCDF, variable, x_dimension, y_dimension, nowFile, band_dimension, dimension_values, valueSelectionMethod)
                    print "success"
                    outname = outLoc + nowFile

                   arcpy.CopyRaster_management(nowFile, outname, +".tif","", "", "", "NONE", "NONE", "")

                else: print "DATA OUT OF RANGE"