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Pre-Select Multiple Choice Questions Based on Pre-Populated CSV Data

Question asked by notnaws on Sep 8, 2016



I've successfully loaded up pre-populated CSV data onto Survey 123 and manage to show the values as a note/text/integer.


However, what I really want to do is pre-fill the multiple choice questions as well using the pre-populated data. I tried everything and it seems that the select_one type questions doesn't accept values that I have  previously calculated.


I have a row that calculates the results of a few categories based on the selected key field. Then, I tried using the results ${calculated_result} in the calculate field in one of my multiple choice question but it doesn't work. I even tried it in the default value column and that doesn't work as well. However, if I explicitly type the value in the default column, the answer is pre-selected ! 


Are calculated results not supported in a multiple choice question field? 


Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this.