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Is it possible to use python to load a WMS from the Environment Agency?

Question asked by dconnaghan on Sep 7, 2016

I am carrying out analysis on a variety of datasets which are in GeoDatabases and projected to British National Grid. One of the datasets required is provided as a WMS feed (Open Data from Environment Agency) and its coordinate system is GCS WGS84. As their will be numerous maps to be generated using different locations, I have automated the analysis (distance to features) and map production using Python. There are offset issues between the WMS feed and the OS StreetView background mapping I am using when I use automation to load a lyr file (of the WMS feed). I have tried various settings in the map templates but the WMS feed is always offset unless I manually open the mxd and manually load (using AddData) the WMS feed. My need for help is:


Can I change the coordinate system of the WMS feed without contacting the supplier?

Why, if I load the WMS feed and it is positioned correctly then save the mxd does the offset re-appear when I use python to add other datasets?


I have attached two images showing the issue. The _correct one I added the WMS feed manually, the _offset is when the mxd was manipulated by Python


cheers in advance