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Not able to delete a feature for editable feature layer

Question asked by shaikhrizuan on Sep 6, 2016
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I am not able to delete the feature from editable feature layer, While i am able to create and update the feature. Here the scenario is to delete the existing feature and create the new feature and update the attributes. PFB code


var newFeatureLayer = new FeatureLayer(urlparcel);
newFeatureLayer.on("edits-complete", function(evt) {
if(evt.adds.length >0 && evt.adds[0].success == true)
else if(evt.updates.length >0 && evt.updates[0].success == true)

else if(evt.updates.length >0 && evt.updates[0].success == true)


newFeatureLayer.applyEdits(null, null, [existingFeature]); // existing feature is the selected feature on map load and to be deleted

var newUGraphics = new Graphic(newGeometry); // newGeometry is the new selected geometry and need to be created


The "on edits-complete" event is triggering, when i am trying to create feature but not on deleting the existing feature. And while creating feature in "edits-complete" function , though it smoothly creating the feature but one error occurred at console "init.js:182 Error: Unable to complete operation."  I believe this is the error for delete operation which was not happened properly.


Please help me on how the feature has to deleted from editable feature layer.



Shaikh Rizuan