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Using ArcREST to export Feature Layers

Question asked by cynthiak on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by cynthiak

I am writing a python script to run nightly that exports Feature Layers from AGOL to our local drives.  We have a couple of members that are updating their own feature layers, and I am trying to access these.  I can get the script to work using....shAGOL = arcrest.AGOLTokenSecurityHandler(username, password).....if the username and password are the AGOL members.  However, if I try to use the AGOL Administrator username and password, it can't access the members feature layers.  Is there a way to get the script to work using just the Administrator credentials instead of having to ask each member for their passwords?  Any help would be appreciated!  I am very new to ArcREST, so I am sure that I am missing something.