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using dojo contentpane in custom series story map

Question asked by zconlen on Aug 31, 2016

Hi, I have created a custom version of the ESRI tabbed series story map which can be seen here - If you click on the map, a custom info window pops up that displays several charts which the user can scroll thru. All good, but I just noticed a bug, which is that on tablets, in landscape view, that info window is not scrollable. Now, the info window uses a dojo content pane and in researching the issue I found that it was likely a css issue and the fix is to specify overflow: auto along with a height value, either as a css style or as a property of the dojo dijit using data-dojo-props. 


Well, I have tried every flavor of this with no success. Its a bit complicated because the model for extending the template is what esri calls 'loose integration', meaning the developer does not need to understand the internal workings of the app, and indeed much of the app is minified so there is no way to make sense of it. I have been able to create a simple working example, but it fails in my app. My feeling is that there is some conflicting css or something else going on under the hood that is causing the bug, but I cant pinpoint it.


The app uses 3.14 version of jsapi.


Any help or suggestions appreciated.