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TextSymbol opacity and Export Web Map

Question asked by greenkarmic on Aug 29, 2016



I have a GraphicsLayer where the user can add graphics using a TextSymbol. The style of the text: color+opacity, angle, variant and size of this symbol can all be modified by the user. The user cannot choose the font family, it is hardcoded in the application.


I noticed that when I choose the Courier font family, then when we print the map all the text style will revert to black with no styles applied. I changed this to Arial, and now everything works except the opacity. I checked the JSON sent (in the Web_Map_as_JSON parameter) and the opacity is there, but ignored. The transparency works for other types of symbols, just not the TextSymbol.


Is text transparency a known limitation in the print service? Does it depend on the font family?



Edit : ArcGIS API for Javascript 3.17 and ArcGIS Server 10.3