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Load single raster from Image Service

Question asked by henri_indon on Aug 25, 2016

I have managed to publish multiple raster (tiff) under one mosaic dataset as Image Service.


I also manage to use ArcGISImageServiceLayer to load the ImageServer above.

but how do I retrieve a single raster image based on their name?


I tried to set the ImageServiceLayer initialExtent and fullExtent, but ImageServiceLayer always use the Map Extent which always return all the rasters.


I also used "setDefinitionExpression" method in ImageServiceLayer but there is nothing being drawn on the map.


The closest that I manage to do was:
1. use query on ImageServer with Name = '<raster_name>'
2. Get the Extent of the return record
3. Create ImageServiceParameters with Extent in #2 above as value
4. use exportMapImage and pass in ImageServiceParameters in #3 above.


When I check Chrome debugging console, #4 above return the correct image that I want to load.


Question is:
How do i load the MapImage returned by the method callback into current ImageServiceLayer?