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Using the make query table tool

Question asked by RoadsDept12 on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by RoadsDept12

I am trying to join parcelpoints,  a feature class, to permits.dbf, which is a table. They are both in the same GDB and the field they have in common is parcel ID. A "Join" works well, 1 parcel to 1 permit and it works many parcels with 1 permit. However, it doesn't work with 1 parcel with many permits. I was thinking of doing a Relate? Instead of a Join? I am not sure.


My overall goal is to get the parcel points feature class to have the information of the permits table. They have parcel ID as a common field. Then, while in the GDB I can "enable attachments" and connect PDF's to each parcel point due to the same name of the PDF's and the field Permit ID in my permits table. Then on AGOL I can symbolize the parcel points to "Permits" that are connected to the parcels.


I am trying to use the Make Query Table Tool because that's what the other blogs have said to do but I am having trouble getting the table I want.


To make it simple lets say I have a feature class and table where the table has an ID field and a permit number associated to it. Then the feature class has matching ID's with the table.