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Large volume data collecting and displaying

Question asked by jbrockwe on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by Scott.Fierro

Mobile Data Collection.
I am working on a building inspection mobile application using Collector for ArcGIS via ArcGIS Online. I am storing my feature class on an MS SQL 2012 enterprise geodatabase and publishing it out to a feature service shared with my ArcGIS online organization. I have 1,000,000 (+) building footprints (polygon) that I would like to make available to Collector for ArcGIS data collectors. I am seeking techniques to make this process efficient and manageable.
The Collector for ArcGIS users will not be updating geometries (digitizing) so I only need to provide them with scheduled survey areas they have been assigned at the start of a shift, I.e. Neighborhoods 5000-7000 building footprints. I want my survey teams to write back to my SDE Feature Class where I can analyze and report results of survey activities.

My first thought is to create an .MXD for each neighborhood and have numerous feature services writing back to one single feature class. Not sure how this would work and the set up seems too long.
I know ArcGIS online sets a 1000 feature limit on published feature layers.
I am would be willing to hear solutions, suggestions and/or work-arounds to share large volume datasets with ArcGIS online organizations.