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Building a WebApp for Displaying Damage Survey Data

Question asked by Abishai87 on Aug 23, 2016

We have several databases from damage surveys of tornadoes that we would like to make publicly available using a WebApp. Ultimately it would contain a basemap, points for each surveyed structure categorized by the damage rating, popups that contain the metadata associated with each surveyed structure, and multiple photos (2-4) for each structure.

Registered users would be able to extract all or portions of the data from the site, including images.


This sounds like it should be doable with the WebApps, but I have minimal experience in app building, html, etc. I use ArcGIS quite a bit but for relatively simple things that I stick to the ArcMap UI for. Most of my programming experience is in Matlab.


Is a web app as I've described something I should be able to work my way through? Any specific pointers for getting started in addition to the standard tutorials, i.e., building off of available sample code? Better ideas for hosting the data? I'd looked into the Story map option as well, and it looks ok for displaying the data, but may not be suitable for basic manipulation of the data and extraction.


I would appreciate any input, even if it's telling me I'm crazy.