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JavaScript - Floating Panes for Tools - Floating Pane affecting Map Extent

Question asked by ipeebles on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by kenbuja

Hello everyone.  I have recently tried something new with an application.  I have added a button to the main toolbar and when it is clicked, a measurement widget appears within a floating pane.  The tool works well, but I noticed that it affects my initial map extent when the application is first loaded.  Also, when closing the floating pane then re-opening, it shifts the floating pane to the right and down a few pixels.


My question is, what should I look at to correct these issues.  Here is a screenshot of the button that fires the floating pane and the floating pane that contains the measurement widget:



After closing the pane, then reopening (repeat step a couple of times).  Notice how the pane shifted to the right and down and part of it is cut off on the map:



Also when the map first loads, here is the extent (not the initial extent I set):


When I hit the home button twice (notice the map goes to full-extent my set initial extent):



The Floating pane DIV is causing this issue, because when I comment out the code, it works just fine.


Anyone have and recommendations on how I can maintain the initial spatial extent while the floating pane exists?  How can I close the floating pane and have it re-open in the same location after it is closed?


I can share code if necessary.  I will also point out that the z-index value is set to 999 for the floating pane.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!