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Crowdsource Storymap mobile Navigation

Question asked by doris123 on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by SSylvia-esristaff

A few experiences with crowdsource story map on mobile devices:

  • If I scroll down in the gallery I don't know how many photos there are and where I am in the list; it would be helpful to jump to the beginning of the gallery and to have a a numbering of the photos
  • If I scroll to the top of the gallery page then the navigation buttons at the bottom disappear. Header and footer should always be visible (also on smaller screens).



  • If I open a photo from the Gallery and tap "Map" at the buttom, nothing happens. Only  "Home" and "Partizipate" works. It seems, that the "X" to close the displayed image is a mouse-over effect (not working on mobile devices). Also the "Close" button at the bottom is not visible due to long descriptions, therefore the users do not know that they had to close the shown photo(s) to switch to the "Map".




  • If I switch from a viewed photo to "Partizipate", then at the bottom "Home", "Map" and "Gallery" remain displayed. Only "Home" is working. If I go to "Home" and then switch to "Map", I'll be redirected to the "Partizipate" window (which is still open in the background). If I tap on "Gallery" from "Home", nothing happens.



  • It would be very helpful, to jump out of a single-photo view to the map to see where this photo was taken.


Thanks in advance for your interest.