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Layer's data source is not registered with the server.....?

Question asked by mlhotz on Aug 4, 2016

Using ArcGIS 4.1, and ArcGIS for Server 4.1, I'm trying to publish one of our historical orthophotos as a map service, and in the off-hours I will be caching this to use in our web application.  I go through all of the exact steps that I followed when I published our current orthophoto 2 weeks ago.  I have also registered the folders where my data is stored in ArcGIS Server Manager -- Site -- Data Store.  Folder permissions were set weeks ago when we first implemented ArcGIS for Server. Am I supposed to perhaps set ArcGIS for Server permissions on the folder as well?  Not sure how to do that though.


The problem I'm having is when I analyze my map service prior to publishing I get the inevitable: "Layer's data source is not registered with the server...." High Severity warning.  However, when I right-click to "Register Data Source With Server", and I use a UNC path, I get the warning: "Folder is already registered with the server....", and when I use the standard Windows path, I get the warning/error: Machine: "....The data item is inaccessible".  I have also tried publishing the image through ArcCatalog....same results.


I don't understand this because 2 weeks ago I managed to publish and cache our main orthophoto using the exact same steps I'm using now with no error messages or Analyzer warnings.  Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong here?  Surely I must be missing at least one crucial step?!