Login screen when using token

08-04-2016 10:23 AM
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high level of our topology:

F5 (ssl bridge 80 to 80, ssl offload 443 to 80) <-> web adaptors <-> ArcGIS servers <-> file server (config store, gdbs, mxds)

After we generate a token. We are appending the token to the end of a url string (&token=). If the token is generated right on the ArcGIS server and then appended using localhost it works.

If the token is generated from web adaptor and appended using web adaptor name it redirects to login.

If the token is generated from url tied to VIP on F5 ex. gisserver.com and then appended to the url it redirects to login.

I have verified that the actual request is valid before appending the token.

We running 10.4.1, OS: windows server 2012 R standard, we have stealth enabled (we've taken it off and put it back in place and it has no effect on this). We have HTTP only enabled on the ArcGIS servers, the auth is TOKEN, and we have the standard sslcertificate in place.

Any ideas on why it's redirecting to login?

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