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how to set spatialReference in 4.0

Question asked by lorieme on Aug 4, 2016
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I need to have the same spatial reference between the MapView and my feature layer because I am performing a queryTask and then using the popup to zoom to the feature.  The query result feature is in State Plane, and the Map and MapView are in Web Mercator because I am using an esri basemap.  The zoom to in the popup doesn't work, and the popup won't display on the queried feature.


1.  I assumed  the search results would be projected to the map.spatialReference because I set up the outSpatialReference.  But my result features were still in State Plane

2.  Next, I tried to set the initialViewProperties to State Plane in the map.  I get an error saying the wkid is null or undefined

3.  Then, I tried to set the spatialReference in the MapView.  I get an error saying the wkid is null or undefined

4.  Finally, I tried to project my search results on the fly from State Plane to Web Mercator.  I get no errors, but the feature is still in State Plane from what I can tell by selecting a point from the path in my polyline and showing the x,y

values when I display the popup.







Here is my require statement: