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Attempting Login to Geoevent Manager Raises Secure Connection Failed error.

Question asked by ochiengsteve on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by CBeyett-esristaff

I have installed Geoevnt Extension for Server and I am trying to login to the Geoevent Manager but I keep getting this error.

First, the Geoevent manager give me this:

Then is throws the following error:


I have strduggled with this error for a while now and even email esri support, which I have not recieved any support. My local Esri providers have not been able to assist either.


My Setup Include

- Portal for ArcGIS on Web adaptor (Both http and https)

- ArcGIS Server not registered on Web adaptor (Both http and https)

SSL certificate (self signed).


My question is what I'm I not getting right and what is the work around.


Thans in advance.