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08-18-2016 07:08 AM
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Hi Everybody,
Currently I'm in a project where the customer wants to know the distance that a truck traveled out the fence. I know how to do a part of this, using alerts and rules using fences, but I do not know how to calculate the distance between the points and save it.
How to calculate the distance that a vehicle traveled out the fence?
Is there someone that faced a challenge like this mine?
tks all

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Apologies for the late response, but this sounds like a great application for the Motion Calculator Processor which can be installed as an add-in processor for the GeoEvent Extension. The Motion Calculator Processor will calculate the distance, speed, heading and many other variables for a given incoming GeoEvent. 

Consider the following example for utilizing the Motion Calculator Processor within your workflow:

Vehicle Exits GeoFence Example Service

The vehicle's position would be evaluated against a filter, determining if it has exited a specific geofence. The filter in the example above would only allow vehicles through if they have in fact exited. The Motion Calculator Processor would then start tracking the position of the vehicle and calculate various statistics of that vehicle. Heading, speed, min/max values and other variables will be appended to the data and pushed into a new GeoEvent Definition. You can then use this new definition to populate a database feature class, send an email notification or write to a specific file depending on the scope of your project.

More information regarding the Motion Calculator Processor can be found at the first link below. You can also find additional processors and GeoEvent-related content within the GeoEvent Group on ArcGIS Online in the second link. 


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