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Issue to get subcurve from polyline, GeometryEngine.intersect

Question asked by thejus.kambi on Aug 3, 2016

I am experiencing a strange behaviour, I am using GeometryEngine to find if a point is on the line. I am using intersect for that purpose. If it intersect i.e., point is on the Polyline, Then I get the subcurve, segments from start to the point. With the coordinates mentioned below, the GeometryEngine returns that the point is on the line, whereas, when I try to identify, where the point lies (using calculations), I find that the point is not on the line and I get the full line back.




The simplified code is here.


Can anyone let me know if there is a tolerance limit in the GeometryEngine which results in the wrong response. Or how I can Identify if a point is on a polyline?