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Bug in v3.17 of JavaScript API for iPhone

Question asked by kadesmith on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by kadesmith

I recently switch my web site from to and noticed that all of my elements were displaying incorrectly on the iPhone. This is how it looks:


Code for on iPhone in v3.17 when displaying incorrectly:

<div class="mblSwitchInner" style="left: 0px;">...</div>


Code for on iPhone in v3.16 when displaying correctly:

<div class="mblSwitchInner" style="left: -53px;">...</div>


Code on all other the devices in v3.16 and v3.17 where the switch appears correctly:

<div class="mblSwitchInner" style="left: -53px;">...</div>


Is this a bug?