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Flex - Javascript Migration

Question asked by lingpri on Jul 12, 2016

We are in the process of migrating our in-house custom application from ARCGIS Flex API - Javascript. I'm facing a strange situation ,wherein the team is proposing, to tweak all the ARCGIS URL configuration in the API (FeatureLayer, MapService etc..) to point to a custom Java webservice layer which would inturn , load all the features in the Java layer rather than in the client side and to have all the configuration to be driven from the oracle database. The thought process is   to load the features in the Java layer they would have more control over the security, transaction and thinking about this is mind bending for me. I'm left to wonder, is there any advantages to this architecture. I have pointed out to the use of  resource proxy, which does the relaying to the ARCGIS service. Please advise on any pros and cons of this architecture being proposed.