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How do I convert from Lat/Long (DD) or East/North TO Lat Long (DMS)?

Question asked by ben_vk on Jul 11, 2016
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Hi All,


I have never worked with coordinates other than Easting Northings, and today I have been given a table that contains Eastings and Northings, and another two columns with Lat Long (DD). Unfortunately my client requires a table with Lat Long shown in Degrees Minutes and Seconds, and this is not something I have ever had to do so I have some questions.


  1. When I create the fields which will hold the Lat Long data in DMS, what type (format) should the field be? I am assuming a double is not sufficient?
  2. Is there a simple field calculator tool that takes a column (Easting) for example, and spits out the Latitude in DMS format?


I am very new to coordinate conversion, so any tips are appreciated.


Thanks for your help.