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Where can i download slope and Aspect data from so i can reclassify it? Thanks

05-09-2016 10:01 PM
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I'm looking to locate an ideal position by creating a cross over with the perfect slope angle and aspect so that the location is sheltered from prevailing winds. how do I get the information to do this?


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It depends where is your study area.

But generally you will need a dem (digital elevation model) from which slope and aspect can be derived.

A common source is the aster dem. Widely available for download.

Do you have spatial analyst?

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A good starting point for your search may be Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Discovery Portal | NCEI

Or DEM Discovery Portal Map |

also USGS SDTS format Digital Elevation Model data (DEM)   With info about there downloads USGS SDTS format Digital Elevation Model data (DEM)

GISDataDepot "Premium" Download Pipe! - In order to access and download data GISDataDepot users are required to have a GeoCommunity account. Many data types of data (DEM, NWI, DLG, LU/LC, and TIGER) are available for free download (Green icon). Most other data products (DRG, DOQ, DOQQ, FEMA) will require account holders to purchase data "blocks" for a nominal fee using their account.

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