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How to update Vector Tile Layer?

Question asked by on Jul 8, 2016
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I have created a map for vector tiling in ArcGIS Pro using the directions here.

I was able to create a vector tile package quite easily in ArcPro, and upload the Vector Tile Package to ArcGIS Online, which also created the Vector Tile Layer at the time of upload.  It all works great!

I did notice that I had forgotten to label a feature class and wanted to rearrange a few layers.  I made the changes in the ArcPro project, re-ran the "Create Vector Tile Package" in ArcPro and "Updated" the revised Vector Tile Package in ArcGIS Online.  Everything was successful, except I do not see any way to update/re-publish the Vector Tile Layer that was created when I first uploaded the Vector Tile Package in ArcGIS Online.

I don't really want to delete the Vector Tile Package/Vector Tile Layer and re-upload everything, as this will consume additional credits.  Seems like there should be a way to update the Vector Tiles when you update the Vector Package? Am I missing something?