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General Set-Up Questions with ArcGIS Javascript API

Question asked by naalexandrou on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by naalexandrou

My company has ArcServer, as well as the ability to publish to it.

We can pull our map/feature services either from the server directly, or from a Web Adaptor we set up in our DMZ that's secured with our Windows Domain Active Directory.


We have a couple applications that have been created by consultants, which are good... but we are interested in creating a couple smaller, more specific applications for other departments.


For an application that needs to remain behind our firewall and only accessible on our secured domain, what would be the standard method of creating this application? Would we reference JS API's CDN, or download the API and put it on the hosted web server, then point the config file to look at that? We will probably put the application on the same server that is housing ArcServer so for internal use applications we probably don't need to worry about CORS communication between servers (unless I'm misunderstanding the need for this).


What about trying to set up an application that is secure, but facing outward. Meaning it pulls data through the Web Adaptor? I'm assuming we would host the application files on the DMZ server, and when a user tries to access the application, a credentials request will pop up. Same questions though, CDN or hosted API?

And then the final question, of those situations, which I feel are fairly common.... do either of these situations require the use of a proxy on either the internal server for internal applications, or the DMZ server for outward facing apps? (probably the DMZ server right?)



Any help would be appreciated, I've taking a few HTML courses a couple years back, I'm just not the best ArcGIS developer as I haven't really needed to do any, but as of late, the desire to start creating my applications has came about.




Any one have an links to examples I could look at the underlying scripts to get a grasp on what is needed for either situation?