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AUTOCOMPLETE not available on existing form

Question asked by teachcalds on Jun 30, 2016
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I just received news from Mark James at the Esri UC that Survey123 for ArcGIS - Version 1.5 includes the Appearance choice of Autocomplete. When I create a new form, it's there for me to choose, so I know it works (For new forms that is). But I'm trying to select it on an existing form that we worked hard to create and the original 6 choices (signature, minimal, compact, multiline, horizontal, horizontal-compact) are still the only ones available (See the attached image). FYI: I've even done the Survey update button (See the attached image too) to make sure it was all up to date and still no luck with the Appearance field. We need the Autocomplete to work, but do not wish to rebuild an entire survey to make it happen.


Do you have any suggestions to help us make the new Appearance choices show up in this survey? Or ... Do I have no choice but to do a complete rebuild on our survey?



Tony Strothers