Issues With Attribute Assistant Generate_ID Method

Discussion created by JWest82 on Jun 29, 2016
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Good morning,


We are beginning to work out using Attribute Assistant in 10.2/10.3 and have been having some issues. Hopefully there are others that have solved these and can provide some input on how to clear things up a bit. I know there are a lot of users that really have had success using the Attribute Assistant.


The {Option} portion of the Generate_ID method does not seem to be working...

My table uses the Generate_ID for generating a FacilityID for the LGIM so my tables and fields look like the following:


GenerateID Table

OBJECTIDSequence NameSequence CounterInterval Value
1FACGENID11Generates a Facility ID number incrementing at 1


DynamicValue Table

OBJECTIDTable NameField NameValue MethodValue InfoOn CreateOn Change (Attribute)On Change (Geometry)Manual OnlyRule WeightComments

This method does work and will successfully generate an ID value but also regenerates if a user mistakenly selects a feature that already has an ID.

If I use the option and input the Value Info field as FACGENID|6|[seq]|True and the values in the table are <Null> the Attribute Assistant does not generate a value. If I change the field to FACGENID|6|[seq]|False, it also does not generate a value. I have purposefully left out the additional ID information for simplicity to test the generation of values using this tool.


I did have to import and modify the two tables from the Address Data Management template as I was missing the domains from the tables when I pulled them in empty from the Attribute Assistant download.


One thing we have been looking at is if we can add the Generate_ID command into an Expression method. Does anyone know if this is possible? The reason being we are trying to keep a portion of our primary keys smart in that it collects the value from the SUBTYPEFIELD for the facilities and populates those down. It will also give us a basis to move expressions across into some of our other features like RoadCenterline and AddressPoint.




Justin West