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Issues With Attribute Assistant Generate_ID Method

06-29-2016 07:36 AM
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Good morning,

We are beginning to work out using Attribute Assistant in 10.2/10.3 and have been having some issues. Hopefully there are others that have solved these and can provide some input on how to clear things up a bit. I know there are a lot of users that really have had success using the Attribute Assistant.

The {Option} portion of the Generate_ID method does not seem to be working...

My table uses the Generate_ID for generating a FacilityID for the LGIM so my tables and fields look like the following:

GenerateID Table

OBJECTIDSequence NameSequence CounterInterval Value
1FACGENID11Generates a Facility ID number incrementing at 1

DynamicValue Table

OBJECTIDTable NameField NameValue MethodValue InfoOn CreateOn Change (Attribute)On Change (Geometry)Manual OnlyRule WeightComments

This method does work and will successfully generate an ID value but also regenerates if a user mistakenly selects a feature that already has an ID.

If I use the option and input the Value Info field as FACGENID|6|[seq]|True and the values in the table are <Null> the Attribute Assistant does not generate a value. If I change the field to FACGENID|6|[seq]|False, it also does not generate a value. I have purposefully left out the additional ID information for simplicity to test the generation of values using this tool.

I did have to import and modify the two tables from the Address Data Management template as I was missing the domains from the tables when I pulled them in empty from the Attribute Assistant download.

One thing we have been looking at is if we can add the Generate_ID command into an Expression method. Does anyone know if this is possible? The reason being we are trying to keep a portion of our primary keys smart in that it collects the value from the SUBTYPEFIELD for the facilities and populates those down. It will also give us a basis to move expressions across into some of our other features like RoadCenterline and AddressPoint.


Justin West

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So upon further testing it seems like many of the methods inside of the Attribute Assistant are not working... The only one that seems to actually work outside of the sample data is the Generate_ID but only partially as described above. Does anyone have a point of contact that could help me out with this? I see some Esri folks have been posting in some other places but the AA does not seem to have widespread use.

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Can you share the version of the AA you are using and where you downloaded it from?  I just downloaded it and the domain is included.  The version should be 6.14.2016.

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     Could you turn on the Log file so we can see what is going on?  the |True flag will only create a new ID on Features without an ID.  Also, you have the rule set to only run on Create, how is the new ID being generated on that feature?  Are you running the On Create rules tool from the AA toolbar?

Info on turning on the log file - Configure Attribute Assistant - Attribute Assistant | ArcGIS Solutions

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