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Make query table error

Question asked by diegoar on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by bixb0012


I need to join one feature class and one table. This is a one to multiple join, therefore, my only option seems to be by creating a query table. My problem is that the fields I want to join do not seem to be matched properly when I run the query table tool. I've tried using the following expression in the query table expression field to indicate that these are the fields to be joined:


("Infraestructura.idInfraestructura" = "InfraestructuraServicio.idInfraestructura") AND ("InfraestructuraServicio.idServicio" = "Servicio.idServicio")


But the layer result is empty.


I think I may be doing something wrong (perhaps the problem is with my query), but I'm not sure what. When I verify my query in the query builder window, I keep getting a message saying

The expression was verified successfully but no records were returned

which does not make any sense as there should definitely be some matches.