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Error hosting Map Series template

Question asked by deleted-user-KnEH1ZtJQ4CO on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by deleted-user-KnEH1ZtJQ4CO

I created and configured simple Map Series story in ArcGIS online with a single map. Downloaded the Map Series template and uploaded to a web server. Portal is not installed on this server. Note - we these templates provide access private web services through a proxy. I followed the four steps for configuring template, including configured index.html with the app ID, as are described on GitHub.


When the application loads, it hangs with a 404 at a reference This directory exists on ArcGIS online, but not on my server.




I just wanted to verify that portal is not required to be installed to run the app and also ask if I need to make any configuration changes to config.js for this most basic deployment to work.


Thanks for any suggestions.