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Expose all services for search widget

Question asked by Emerson.Chew_exp on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by knitzman

I'm new to this forum so I hope my post follows the proper guidelines.  I'm also new to web app builder development so if the post is confusing I can try to clarify further if needed.

I have been tasked with framing up a "Layer Search" Widget for one of our web mapping applications.  Currently, we have roughly 1,000 layers in the layer list widget and navigating to those layers can be quite cumbersome for most of our users. To that end, I'm researching a method to allow a search against all of the layers in our layer list widget and then pushing  these to a pop-up panel.  From there, the user could select one of the layers in the pop up and the corresponding layer in the layer list would be drilled into and opened.

First and foremost, is there even a method that allows one to use a contains operator against the entire web map and second, once that information is retrieved is it possible to be received inside the layer list widget?


I'm still in the framing stage so any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.  I'm just trying to determine the best point of entry--is it using the search widget base and push to layer list or enter the map via the layer list widget itself...again, sorry if this is doesn't pertain to this group.  If I need to take to another forum please let me know