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How to correct Attribute Assistant error "Intersecting_Feature": Input Feature or Value Info Null

Question asked by Ryan.Nosek_DuPage on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by mmiller-esristaff

Michael Miller


I'm receiving the error: "INTERSECTING_FEATURE: Input Feature or Value Info is null"  when running Attribute Assistant for our Sign and Pole Inventory, and not sure what is causing there error.  Although the FACILITYID's were properly generated for both the Pole and Sign feature classes, Attribute Assistant failed to update the Sign's ATTACHID field with the Pole's FACILITYID due to this error.



Just started using newest release (June 2016) of Attribute Assistant in ArcMap 10.3. We have over 9000 pole features that were previously assigned PoleID's using a previous release of Attribute Assistant, and over 15000 Sign features that were also assigned SignIDs (FACILITYID) and ATTACHID's(from Pole fc FACILITYID field). With the new AA add-in, I made sure to follow directions for renaming old config files, uninstalling/reinstalling, etc.


With recent data collection efforts (field staff are using Collector App to add to this inventory), we had approximately 80 new pole features and 150+ new sign features. After uninstalling/installing the new version of Attribute Assistant, I was able to successfully go through the workflow to assign new FACILITYID's for Poles. When running the tool on the Sign feature class, however, only FACILITYID's were updated, and the ATTACHID (Intersecting_Feature) were left null.  We've done our due-diligence and ensured our features are intersecting (signs snapped to poles), so its not the geometries.

From the Logs for record try:


  Setting sort order: Field - RUNORDER
  Querying table for Last Value for layer: Transportation.DBO.Sign
  Query Used: (TABLENAME = '*' OR TABLENAME = 'Sign' OR TABLENAME like 'Sign|*' OR TABLENAME like 'Sign|%') AND VALUEMETHOD = 'Last_Value'
  Number of results: 7
       Looking for INSTALLDATE
       Looking for TURNSTOCLOSE
       Looking for OPERABLE
       Looking for OWNEDBY
       Looking for MAINTBY
       Looking for FLOOR
       Looking for INTERFLOOR
  Querying table for rules for layer: Transportation.DBO.Sign
  Query Used: (TABLENAME = '*' OR TABLENAME = 'Sign' OR TABLENAME like 'Sign|*' OR TABLENAME like 'Sign|%') AND ON_MANUAL = 1
  Number of results: 2
  Looping through the rows
      Row Info
        Row Number 1
        TableName: Sign
        FieldName: FACILITYID
        ValueInfo: SIGNID|8|SIGN-[seq]|True
        ValueMethod: GENERATE_ID
        On Create: 0
        On Change: 0

      Checking for Subtype Restriction
      Field Name: Facility Identifier was found at index: 33
                  Trying: GENERATE_ID
                  Finished: GENERATE_ID
      Row Info
        Row Number 2
        TableName: Sign
        FieldName: ATTACHID
        ValueInfo: Pole|FACILITYID|C|FALSE
        On Create: 0
        On Change: 0

      Checking for Subtype Restriction
      Field Name: Attachment ID was found at index: 32
                  Trying: INTERSECTING_FEATURE
                  ERROR: INTERSECTING_FEATURE: Input Feature or Value Info is null
                  Finished: INTERSECTING_FEATURE


Line 46 shows the error, though I am a bit unclear on which Value Info it is referring to, and/or which input feature. The value Info in the Dynamic Table for the relevant entries look like this:

  • Sign; ATTACHID; INTERSECTING_FEATURE; Pole|FACILITYID|P|TRUE; False (on create); False (on Change Attr); True (manual only); 6 (Rule Weight);
  • Sign; FACILITYID; GENERATE_ID; SIGNID|8|SIGN-[seq]|TRUE; False (on create); False (on Change Attr); True (manual only); 9 (Rule Weight);
  • Pole; FACILITYID; GENERATE_ID; SIGNID|8|POLE-[seq]|TRUE; False (on create); False (on Change Attr); True (manual only); 10 (Rule Weight);

Note: Every Pole in the Inventory has a FACILITYID, so Input Feature would not necessarily be null..



-  I have both Sign and Pole Feature Classes present in the mxd

-  I've tried selecting just the Sign features needing updates (now just Signs with NULL values in ATTACHID's since SIGNId's were successfully created), and I've tried selecting all Signs in the inventory. No luck either way

-  FACILITYID's were successfully created for both POLES and SIGNS (poles were run first, check)

-  Newest release of Attribute Assistant (June 2016)

- I've tried changing the C in the INTERSECTING_FEATURE value info to a P, but was never prompted after running AA manual rule ; have also tried just "Pole|FACILITYID" but that also did not populate ATTACHID's in the Sign Fc


Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks,