UC 2016 Agenda -- Working Much Better (6/22/2016) In my opinon

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My editorial, and a few tips...

UC Agenda - Latest updates (06/22/16) seemed to have helped with the speed, syncing between a web version and the (iOS) app, etc.  Now that the extreme load time and log-in issues seem to have been resolved, for the most part, if you haven't tried it in the past couple days, I would give it another chance.


One tip (semi-annoying, but workable), if you are searching for multiple words, for example "Web AppBuilder", the Search box (in Firefox anyway) seems to lose focus after the space or the A.  Keep this in mind, and after each letter, just click in the search box to give it focus again, type in the next letter, repeat.  It is filtering as you go, so at least that is a plus.


After I let the ios app download the latest agenda, the app showed my "favorites" that I had edited on the browser version.  If I had both machines logged in, the sync was pretty instantaneous, so that was nice.


If you click on the title of the session that interests you, it provides description, speakers, room-map, and the optional times and lets you tag them.  I think the layout has improved from the first few releases....but we are an impatient bunch when it comes to planning for the UC, and I'm sure they wanted to get something out for us to start with why they were still developing this.  BTW - I view mine on a esktop or iPad, so not sure how it will be on a phone/smaller screen.

If you click on the title of the session that interests you, it provides description, speakers, room-map, and the optional times and lets you tag them.


They do have a print option for "My Schedule" and it worked to print to a PDF.  Still not an export to Excel, but I think for most this will be workable.  The are not printing/providing a pocket agenda this year, so keep that in mind and have a browser/app version or pre-printed version handy.



For those attending, the mobile apps have the "tech session survey" available to make rating a session quick and easy.  So as a user myself, this is my plug for that.  Providing feedback, good or bad, helps improve the sessions for all of us in the future.


One feature that was available a half dozen years ago that I miss, is being able to add a "personal appointment" to the "My Schedule"   Any chance of bring that in the future? Margaret Ohayon


Another tip, for those that look for the tech session recordings.. It's been mentioned that that only a handful of the sessions will be available online for free, but.I know the 3rd party Sound of Knowledge is recording most again.  However, the Road Ahead sessions are not taped, and the "demo theatre" sessions typically are not either....so keep that in mind as you plan you schedule.


All this is just my opinion and experiences today, but since I was pleasantly surprise, thought I would pass it on.  Then again, maybe it's just the pre-UC anticipation starting to kick in.


Feel free to add tips or comments to this discussion...but if you are still having any issues, post as a question so someone can maybe give direct feedback.  Enjoy the UC!