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ArcGis Javascript - Editing attributes without loading the features to map

Question asked by mzdijjw2 on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by mzdijjw2

Dear All,


I would like to ask, how can I edit the values of features' attribute table without loading the features to map first. I usually use the "applyEdits" function to modify the features, but that means I need to load the features (the graphics is rendered) on the map.


The situation is that, I need to updates attribute table of certain features daily. I update the value of the attribute table according from a certain SQL Server table. So far I open the Update webpage manually. And I am planning to use the Windows' Task Scheduler to run a simple task daily, which is to open the Update webpage I created (and that webpage automatically run the process).


But the problem is that the Task Scheduler opens the browser (ex: Internet Explorer) in background. Well, the process runs, but in background. There is no interface showing up, no browser is showing up, that means no map is showing up, means no graphic is rendered, means no feature is loaded, means I cannot run the "applyEdits" function.


Has anyone ever experience this problem too? Do you have any suggestion of any methods to use? Would be grateful to receive any help.