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Feature extraction from LiDAR and derived rasters

Question asked by rob_ford16 on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by acrawford-esristaff

Good morning all!


I am trying to obtain heights of man made structures and also update / create building footprints using LiDAR and the rasters I have created from them. I have gone through the this tutorial that explains how to create a DSM and DEM from LiDAR data (so I now have a DSM and DEM) and also this tutorial that explains how to get heights of trees (I just used the minus tool for the entire area and have heights for the entire area).


The issues I am running into for heights are the outliers in the LiDAR data. I have tried using the Locate Outliers tool, but it just keeps failing saying it can't locate my output table. These outliers skew data greatly when it comes to calculating average heights for buildings (I tested it on an existing polygon). I would like to reclassify these outliers as noise somehow if possible.


As for feature extraction, I really am a new guy when it comes to intense LiDAR analysis in ArcGIS and just am not sure where to begin. I know there are all kinds of paid for 3rd party extensions for LiDAR that include feature extraction, but alas we do not have the budget for such things....


Any help is much appreciated!