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Changing ocean color in Vector Style Editor?

Question asked by tim_in_hayward on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by tim_in_hayward

I'm using the VectorTile Style Simple Editor to change the Light Gray Canvas per the instructions here, How to Customize Esri Vector Basemaps | ArcGIS Blog .


All is well and good except I can't change the ocean layer. I changed the background, but that is behind the ocean.

These are the first two layers.



  "type": "background",

  "paint": {

  "background-color": "#ecffff"


  "id": "background"



  "layout": {},

  "type": "fill",

  "source": "esri",

  "id": "Land",

  "minzoom": 0,

  "source-layer": "Land",

  "paint": {

  "fill-color": "#ededed"




I checked this thinking I could add Marine something or other,…


Any ideas on how to change the ocean color?