create a layer using python in ArcMap 10.4

Discussion created by hackerp on Jun 15, 2016
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I'm a self taught (well still learning) Python/ArcGis programmer. The company I work for does well maps.


How does one use python to create a layer?


I know I can click down to the personal Geodatabase.mdb on ArcMaps and right click and do a 'create layer' but we have a huge number of maps to create and we have a large library of GDB to make into layers on maps. I would hope the script behind that 'create layer' would be visible but it isn't.


I want to make a batch process to do all the work instead of getting on ArcMap 10.4 and doing them one by one. I presume arcpy and one (or several of the functions/methods) are used.


Thanks for any help!