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Display documents in datagrid

Question asked by sadanand_arc on Jun 15, 2016
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Hi All,

        I have one feature class with columns like ID, STATION_NAME, ATT1,ATT2,..,LAT,LONG,PDF, etc.

And i have created one mapservice for this "http://xxx/Arcgis/rest/services/NSDL/mapserver".

My question is how to display all the attribute information on map click using Identify task and also depending on the point i have selected , I need to display the pdf document of that point feature, stored in the server folder(It may be  local or externel). I am storing only pdf names in the PDF columns.

My result should be like this,

One side my map and beside that i need to display resultant attributes with pdf documet.

Can you people please help me on this issue